How Veepee Switzerland optimizes its user consent rate

Veepee, Europe's leading private sales company, faces a twofold challenge in Switzerland, where the group has historically been present: to comply with the New Federal Act on Data Protection (nFADP) in force since September 1, 2023, and to optimize the consent rate of its users in a transparent way, while ensuring a good engagement rate.

Challenge: Increase Trust To Optimize The Consent Process 

Collaborating with Axeptio allowed Veepee to quickly, simply, playfully, and most importantly, in a personalized manner, comply with current swiss regulation, using solutions tailored to meet Veepee's specific goals. 

Thanks to Axeptio's intuitive use and comprehensive platform features, Veepee was quickly able to implement the consent banner on its website. Customizable to match your brand's visual identity, Veepee was easily able to integrate its color codes and logo, among other elements and to deploy it in two languages (French and German).

The consent banner thus became an integral part of the Veepee digital experience and blends in perfectly, making the consent process less intrusive for its members, and reducing their aversion to giving consent.   

Result: A Consent Rate of 86% 

The Axeptio platform strengthened the trust of Veepee's members by demonstrating the brand's commitment to data protection for its visitors and members. Veepee can now collect precise data on its member base and offer them a personalized shopping experience.

The collaboration between Veepee and Axeptio demonstrates that complying with legal regulations can be a simple, fast, and enjoyable process, providing a real boost to the company's activities.

We are more than satisfied with our collaboration with Axeptio, which has gone above and beyond to help us achieve our goal and meet the challenge of legal compliance while ensuring a good consent rate. All of this was made possible through tailor-made, intuitive, and quickly implementable solutions.

Alexandra Zhu, Digital Markting Manager, Veepee Switzerland

Alexandra Zhu, Digital Marketing Manager at Veepee Switzerland


Key Performance Indicators:

  • Consent rate: 86%
  • Interaction rate: 66%
  • + 385,000 collected consents 


Choose a Harmonious Consent Process with Axeptio!

Chief Experience Officer - Axeptio


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