Contractual consent management

Terms, the secret recipe for creating the most appetizing T&Cs!

Terms, the perfect consent widget for your T&Cs

How about transforming the infamous hypocritical "I accept the terms and conditions" checkbox into a more memorable experience in service of your brand? Every business relationship with an individual or a company involves the acceptance of a contract that sets the terms of the transaction. This decisive moment is the ideal opportunity to reassure and generate trust.

We suggest that you make it a highlight in your customer journey with our contractual consent module.

A powerful little widget

Terms allows you to present your terms and conditions in their best light. How? By applying to your contracts the same recipe that has made our cookies so successful:

Polished UI/UX
An aesthetically pleasing interface that invites interaction. Division of information in the form of navigable screens
Instructive illustrations
Emphasis on iconography and infographics to illustrate legal prose in a didactic way
Integrated search engine
A search engine that highlights relevant articles based on the content of the screens and keywords associated with the articles
Interactive table of contents
An interactive table of contents that allows the user to access a synthetic view of your contract

What do I gain from showing my T&Cs?

The idea of hiding terms and conditions behind a checkbox is like sweeping the dust under the carpet. Yet, like most businesses, you probably have nothing to hide. And going against the general trend of not dwelling on terms and conditions can positively differentiate you from the competition or even the entire industry.

You know us, we show it all and we show it well.

We suggest you opt for a transparent, original and proactive experience. The choice of a strong brand: to be worthy of your customers' trust.

Less pits, more bits!

The simpler and clearer our legal messaging, the fewer the doubts and potential disputes we will face. This considerably reduces the number of requests for service. Your customer knows what they are signing and why.
No more illegible legal notices and GTCs that you never read. We adopt clear language and Legal Design for more transparency and simplicity.

  • Informed and confident users.
  • Optimization of your support and sales teams' time.

Sophisticated version management for a better UX.

General terms and conditions of sale or use often evolve over time and updating them quickly can become time-consuming.

So we thought of everything! We have developed a comprehensive version management system for your contracts and endorsements for an optimized user experience.

Automatic formatting
Our widget automatically formats your contractual updates. All you have to do is customize the appearance of the comparison screen between two versions using ready-to-use variables.
Consent submission
Depending on the level of change, the user will automatically be presented with the consent widget... or not! A cosmetic change won't require bothering your users, while any regulatory adjustments will be highlighted. If you change everything, then the consent widget will pop up and inform the user.
Version history
When your project is published, we'll offer to put a specific version into production. This way, there is no risk of uploading an unfinished version. And of course you keep the version history.

With Terms, make your T&Cs appetizing!

An administration that
simplifies your life.

Interactive administration

To make your life easier, we have designed an interactive administration interface that allows you to edit text directly in your widget, without having to go through many text fields. Drag and drop the blocks inside your screens and compose responsive screens optimized for any display.


Even simpler, we have made available advanced import/export features to easily manage different products and versions. You can even import a Word document with images and everything will be automatically taken into account.

Effortlessly integrate
our powerful and reliable API

Integrating Terms is very simple (even for those who know nothing about computers). And we even thought about those copy/paste experts out there! Just one line of code and you're all done!

Our javascript API allows you to easily integrate different interactions on your website pages: display the contract, check if the user has already consented, force the revalidation...

On the server-to-server API side, you will be able to query our proof-of-consent registry in real time to retrieve the consent information attached to a user ID.

We've been saying it since the beginning: Simple and efficient!

Isn't life beautiful? 😎

Hey there, sweet tooth 😏

We heard you love your treats! That's great, because we've got some tasty new features in store for you. At Axeptio, we take care of the little details and we're all about getting things done right. So, we've got a few more advanced features up our sleeves!

Multiple contract validation per individual user

Got multiple services for one subscriber and want to tweak the terms for each? No problem! You can validate multiple contracts at once with a synthesized view.

Mandatory PDF download

Wanna make sure your users have properly downloaded and read the T&Cs before accepting? You've got the option to make it mandatory for the user to download the T&Cs PDF before they can click "Accept".

That way, you're making sure they have a durable document that they can go back to if needed.

Ready to dive in?

No experience should ever be dull, not even online consent.