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The Consent Management Platform Brands Love

Axeptio for Brands is offering the best user experience, and fostering a positive brand image and retention.

Compliance, Confidence, Performance

A special diet but a simple recipe

Enterprise management
A Super Intuitive Consent Banner Builder 

You can customize everything, and display your branding within the consent banner.


Make the consent experience an integral part of your brand image!

Enterprise Interface
Centralized Interface

Whatever the number of domains you manage, find them in a single dedicated back-office.

Management of All Types of Consent

Newsletters, contests, terms and conditions, and cookies!


The Axeptio platform takes care of all the consents for your site (cookies, marketing and contractual) and you’ll find the proof in a single register.

First Class Support

The Axeptio team guides you through each step of deployment for quick installation and perfect optimization of your configuration.

Axeptio for Brands is certified by Google

Axeptio is part of Google's CMP Partner program, facilitating the integration of Consent Mode v2. 


Test the Performance of Simplicity

Are You Ready? 3,2,1...

Unlock All Features!

Unlimited Customization

To each his own colors... and it's important to respect them! Our pop-up is always ultra-customizable and easy to set up.

Multilingual Widget

You may have international domains, that's good, our cookies speak every language. 25 languages are available for configuration.

Advanced statistics
Advanced Statistics

You have access to detailed data on your widget's prowess: opt-in rates, conversion tracking and overall consent performance.

our API
A Special Pass to Our API

You felt it too?... that special connection between the two of us? Well, with your corporate package, we’ll give you full-access to our API.

Native Mobile SDKs

Bring the Axeptio consent experience into your Android and iOS mobile applications.

They talk about Axeptio better than we do


What truly sets Axeptio apart is its user-friendly and intuitive platform. With easy setup and customization options, it's a dream come true for businesses of any size, even those lacking technical expertise.

Plus, it offers a wide range of features, including customizable consent banners, cookie management, and data protection management.

Axeptio's seamless integration with popular CRMs and analytics tools has been a game-changer for streamlining our data collection and management processes.

Matthias Van den Avont
Founder and CEO @ landman®
Webflow agency

What I resonated with the most is how Axeptio consent management suite makes it easy for marketers to keep the consent in order but allow for brand customization and personalization.

Ditching the standard pop ups that are generic and feel like an after thought for something modern, clean, and efficient is key.

Blake Wisz
Founder @ Chasing Creative

Axeptio enabled us to comply with RGPD regulations in less than a month (between benchmark and installation). Thanks to Google Tag Manager, it's very easy to implement, and updates are just a click away.

Frédérique Castagnac
Chief Data Officer @ Helloasso

Choose a Friendly And Transparent Consent Experience

Axeptio for Brands

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my business eligible?

This business package is designed for organizations with high volumes: several domain names, more than 500,000 page views per month on their domain(s)...
Some customers also choose the enterprise package for the advanced features it offers.

How do I take advantage of this corporate offer?

It is very simple to subscribe to the corporate offer. You just have to submit the form on this page. We will study your information, contact you if necessary to further qualify your needs and profile and set up a free demo.
We will then be able to send you a detailed quote. Once the quote is validated, a customer success manager will contact you ASAP to help you integrate your widget(s).

Are there several levels of formulas for the Corporate Recipe?

There is only one business package but the rates are adapted according to the volume estimated together, at the beginning. The functionalities remain unchanged.
If you exceed the limit initially provided in your subscription, your customer success manager will guide you to a more appropriate formula.

With this formula, can we install a contextual consent wall?

The contextual consent wall (pop-up in the center of your screen) can be installed with the corporate package. Your customer success manager will assist you in optimizing this integration to find the best compromise between user experience and performance.

Is the corporate subscription annual or monthly?

You subscribe annually to the business offer.