Ask for the Enterprise menu!

As a company, your needs are really special. So we've cooked up a special recipe full of extra nuggets for those of you who love smashing the page view counters.

A special diet but a simple recipe:

Compliance, performance, style.

Unlimited domains
Install our pop-up on as many sites as you like. On one, 7 or 30 domains, our cookies will work their magic for the same price.
Centralized interface
Whatever the number of domains you manage, find them in a single dedicated back-office.
Management of ALL TYPES of consent
Newsletters, contests, terms and conditions, and cookies! We take care of all the consents for your site (cookies, marketing and contractual) and you’ll find the proof in a single register.
First class support
We guide you through each step of deployment for quick installation and perfect optimization of your configuration.

Test the performance of simplicity.

Are you ready? 3,2,1...

Unlock all features.

Unlimited customization
To each his own colors... and it's important to respect them! Our pop-up is always ultra-customizable and easy to set up.
Multilingual widget
You may have international domains, that's good, our cookies speak every language.
Advanced statistics
You have access to detailed data on your widget's prowess: opt-in rates, conversion tracking and overall consent performance.
A special pass to our API
You felt it too?... that special connection between the two of us? Well, with your corporate package, we’ll give you full-access to our API.
Including SDK-Mobile!
Bring the Axeptio consent experience into your Android or IOS mobile applications.

Prefer a friendly and transparent experience?

They talk about it better than we do.

At Jacadi we do not want to deceive or coerce the customer. Here they are free to give or not to give their consent, and we leave them the choice. We’ve observed that 97% of the people who’ve interacted with the widget gave their consent. This shows that there is no need to force the hand to get good results.


The tool allows you to manage everything in a truly customized way. Another advantage is that integration is very easy and fast. The operational staff had no trouble getting used to the tool. Axeptio's teams provided top-notch support. The fact that we could collect consent by purpose was a criterion. It's user-friendly, it makes it easy to understand.


Contact us to know more about our custom-made plans.

Frequently Asked Quetions

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  • Is the corporate subscription annual or monthly?