Discover the team behind Axeptio

Learn more about our story and the hard-working people behind the beautiful Consent Management Platform.

core team

Executive Team

We’re a multidisciplinary team coming from the print industry with the mission to recreate trust between brands and users.

Chief Executive Officer

How we work

It’s important that you enjoy your job, and love your life outside of work.

Time for actual work
We have one meeting with the entire team per week – that’s it. We work autonomously, communicate asynchronously and collaborate ad-hoc.
Modern tooling
We surround ourselves with the best work tools available. Figma, Linear, Notion, Github, you name it. This environment sets the standard for our software.
Work on something you use, and our users love
All of us use Axeptio every single day. It makes a huge difference if you build something that you actually use. Many features came out of our daily experiences.
Fully distributed team
We are a fully distributed company with 16 people, 3 dogs and 5 cats in 9 countries. Everybody works on the schedule that fits them best. It allows us to structure our work around our lives and not the other way around.
Cut out the s#!%
Many of us left companies because bureaucracy killed product development. We are here to build a great product with like-minded people. Everything else doesn’t matter.
We care about design
Design is at the heart of the product and team. Every pixel and every detail matters.

Our benefits

We put people first and want to empower everybody at Axeptio to do your best work.

Work life balance
Competitive salary
Work remotely when you want
Music-Focused Culture