Axeptio for Publishers

The TCF v2.2-compliant Consent Management Platform certified by Google

Axeptio for Publishers is a CMP specially designed to meet publishers' monetization challenges: optimizing ad revenue generation while offering the best possible user experience.

Axeptio for Publishers 

Make visitors feel welcome, gain their consent and generate revenue

We understand your challenges
  • Control your consent performance to maximize audience addressability.
  • Maintain revenues from your online advertising activity by enabling your advertisers to target a fully compliant audience.
  • Improve the monetization of your sites thanks to a fully optimized implementation
  • Reduce audience leakage to social platforms by offering a user-friendly experience that builds trust with your visitors
  • Easily adapt to changing regulations and market standards
  • Be ready for the cookie-free world


Axeptio, a partner in compliance  
  • Compatible with IAB Europe and IAB Canada's TCF v2.2
  • CMP certified by Google (TCF and Consent mode v2)
  • Regulatory compliance: RGPD, Law 25, Swiss FADP
  • Member of Alliance Digitale




A technology platform specially designed to meet your monetization needs
  • A French solution with local teams based in Montpellier, Paris and Quebec City
  • Adopt a robust solution, the culmination of 6 years of development, supported by a full-time, dedicated team
  • Market-leading SDKs and infrastructure, with no impact on your web performance
  • Benefit from a complete, secure consent register, accessible at all times
  • Complete consent logs accessible on a dedicated Snowflake database
  • Access to a complete dashboard enabling all your teams to analyze and react quickly (legal, marketing, monetization teams, etc.)
  • A simple, intuitive interface, managed by a support team dedicated to helping you migrate from your current CMP

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