Consent experience is the first step of the customer journey, make it count! 

Romain Bessuges-Meusy CEO of Axeptio

Why Do We Use Cookies Characters?

Axeptio provides a conversational UI.

Even in the most serious companies, it is recommended to smile to your customer. A browser won’t smile for you, especially when it’s about privacy. Our friendly characters help create empathy and good will, thus providing a more pleasant experience.

Axeptio CMP

Let's Build a Memorable Consent Experience

We believe in the virtues of waiting.

There’s no need to rush the consent experience.

Your analytics solution can keep track of multiple requests until the user accepts, even after one or two pages of browsing. Moreover, it will even increase your web performance.

Axeptio CMP
Unlimited customization

Polished UI/UX and Unlimited Customization

An aesthetically pleasing cookie banner interface that invites interaction. Division of information in the form of navigable screens.

A/B Testing

A/B Testing

Easily try different versions of a same config and make gradual improvements over time.



25 languages are supported. In the same way that you can create multiple versions of consent banners to be A/B tested, you’re also able to create multiple versions in different languages.

Mobile SDKs

Native Mobile SDKs

Axeptio CMP is available for mobile apps and provides native SDKs for Android and iOS.

Advanced statistics

Data and API

Consent Data metrics are available in beautiful dashboards and can be connected to any Data Warehouse thanks to powerful APIs. 


Cross-device Consent

The Axeptio platform can manage consent at the logged-in user level and eliminate consent fatigue.

CUSTOMIZATION AND DESIGNIt’s not just about colors

You spend time and money on your design. Why ruin it with a horrendous “one size fits all” cookie banner. At Axeptio, we’re designers too, and we know everything should be pixel perfect.
Screenshot of the branding widget

How does Axeptio manage to get great Opt-In Rates?

Consent experience optimization is a pillar of digital marketing performance

  • Good wording and illustrated characters help break the ice
  • Our conversational UI inspired by Chat software is not as despised as Consent Banner UIs are
  • Because our CPM integrates nicely in your design, it does not feel like we’re interrupting the flow
  • Using Axeptio certified consents is an effective means to instill confidence and assurance.

Do you need help achieving good consent  performance?

Our customer success officers can provide consultation services to help you

  • To analyze your configuration and provide insights relative to your industry
  • To set up a Contextual Consent Wall for you, or work on the overall design of your consent banner
  • To launch growth experiments and A/B tests and track the various changes on a weekly basis until satisfactory results are reached
Contextual Consent Wall

Contextual Consent Wall

Do you want to block your visitors to get their consent? We’re not really into that kind of user experience , but if you are ready to do it well, Axeptio has the most respectful solution out there.

The concept is quite simple. Instead of blocking the visitor right away, the CMP waits for various events. It can be a scroll on the page or the click on a button. If this happens, the Axeptio platform makes an overlay that freezes the current navigation and then asks graciously.

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