Shake - A New Feature to Simplify Your Configs Update

Shake - our brand new cookies scanner with automated configuration updates.



Provisioning allows users to create a configuration by incorporating the site's cookies using data collected through Shake - our cookies scanner. Once the initial configuration is set up using the Provisioning feature, it can be updated a week, a month, a year later... This refresh is made possible thanks to the Configuration Update (CU).

Here is an example to better understand it:

Let's say a widget configuration is made on January 1st, 2023. This configuration contains a certain number of cookies present on the site at that moment.

Fast forward to September 1st, 2023, a new scan is run, and there are 17 new cookies on the site (due to modifications, additions of elements, etc. on the site in question).

Using the Configuration Update (CU) feature allows these 17 new cookies to be added and visible in the CMP's configuration, ensuring it's up-to-date in terms of information and therefore compliant.

What are the benefits?

 Automation - no more manual updates required.

 Time-saving and increased autonomy - he task is now quicker and easier to do it alone.

 Improved reliability - with this new feature, the user can be sure not to miss any cookies.

How does this new gem work?

This new feature is made available directly in the back office accessible to users, under the Tracker Audit tab.




When scheduling a new scan, a new field titled 'Configuration to Update' is made available in the options.




Once the configuration to be updated is chosen, two options are available to users.

1️⃣ Add an additional step containing all missing third-party services




This option allows the creation of a new screen on the widget where all the new cookies added will be displayed.

The user can decide to leave the new screen as is, but can also (which is most often done) reassign the cookies to the different categories they have created in their widget manually.

2️⃣ Using our tool manage your configuration




This option is much more automated than the previous one. It gives free rein to Shake, which will automatically analyze the screens and the different categories already set up on the widget to directly include the new cookies in them.

This option can also automatically create a new category previously absent in the widget, to display the new cookies related to it.

For cookies not categorized by Shake (unknown), the tool will leave them in "unpublished" mode (i.e., not visible on the CMP) so that the client can manually assign them to their categories.

Got questions? We've got answers!

1️⃣ How long does the Configuration Update take to refresh your widget?

About 5 minutes!

The Configuration Update (CU) is tied to the duration of a scan. This means that when you launch a scan, you just have to check the CU option for it to be done simultaneously with the scan. 

Once you get the scan results, you can then update your configuration thanks to the CU.

2️⃣ Does this feature completely take over the settings of my CMP?

It all depends on the option chosen:

Using our Configuration Update (CU) feature is the most autonomous option we offer, capable of adding new cookies directly into your categories, and even creating new ones. However, even with this option, you can still manually update your configuration.


Shake by Axeptio is a powerful cookie scanner

Enter a URL and get a PDF report of all cookies dropped by a web site.

Product Marketing Manager - Axeptio


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