The Impact of a CMP on Digital Performance: DroneXperts Case Study

DroneXperts, a leader in drone integration for businesses, offers tailored solutions for a variety of industrial applications. As a recognized brand in the industry, DroneXperts generates B2B as well as B2C leads through its online store. Digital marketing plays a crucial role, accounting for 80% of lead acquisitions, making it essential to acquire accurate data to pursue acquisition marketing initiatives.

In response to the new consent standards introduced by Law 25 last September, DroneXperts had to overhaul its online data collection strategy and introduced a Consent Management Platform (CMP) recognized and recommended by several web and marketing industry experts. Following this implementation, a drastic drop in the company's digital performance results was observed.

DroneXperts therefore looked to Axeptio to enhance its digital performance.

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How to reverse a more than 50% loss of traceability in traffic acquisition and business opportunities?

The initial integrated CMP seemed to affect user traceability and, consequently, the impact on remarketing campaigns and digital advertising. With fewer users consenting on the platform, it added friction to potential business opportunities, resulting in a decrease in generated leads. More precisely, a loss of over 50% in traceability and business opportunities!

This situation directly impacted the sales team, which had to adopt new business opportunity acquisition strategies to maintain the sales funnel. Fortunately, the company was already well-equipped and adhered to good practices in customer management, as it could have had a significant impact on sales results, and consequently on business objectives and revenues.

Furthermore, the market CMP was not suitable for providing a user experience in line with the company's high standards. It did not reflect the company's brand image, and the legal terms did not encourage users to consent.

This CMP thus became a significant point of friction for users and the company's brand image.

An Inevitable Result of Law 25?

To find a solution, DroneXperts had the situation assessed by several independent experts, who were unanimous: this situation was common experienced by other companies. The only option therefore seemed to be to adapt to this new reality brought about by Law 25, and like the other companies affected by Law 25, DroneXperts had to be creative in its strategies for acquiring business opportunities. 


A Meeting With Axeptio Changed Everything! 

Given this unacceptable situation, DroneXperts had to find alternative solutions to elevate marketing performance. That was when DroneXperts turned to Axeptio.

Axeptio is a renowned platform in Europe, known for its performance, compliance with GDPR regulations, and user-friendly and intuitive interface. Axeptio also offers its products on the Canadian market, notably its  consent management platform for brands.

The teams at DroneXperts had the opportunity to meet with Romain Bessuges-Meusy, the CEO of Axeptio, who conducted an analysis of the CMP that was in place. Romain identified 2 issues:

  1. the platform did not offer full compliance to DroneXperts and
  2. it was blocking reCAPTCHA on the company's conversion forms when a user refused consent or did not interact with the consent banner.
A shocking revelation for Sarah Lebacq, Marketing and Communications Manager at DroneXperts!

This exchange with Axeptio allowed us to understand, in record time, the impact of the previous CMP and the loss of business opportunities that were previously unexplained.

Sarah Lebacq - Communications and Marketing Manager DroneXperts



The Axeptio CMP as a Solution

The installation of Axeptio was simple and effective. In less than an hour, including the consultation with CEO Romain Bessuges-Meusy, the entire platform was configured and integrated: colors, text, and images included. Brand image personalization was even possible through the integration of a fun image of a drone carrying a basket of cookies.

Thanks to the Axeptio CMP, the DroneXpert website now benefits from a better user experience with less friction upon arrival on the site for the visitor.

To top it off, Axeptio also enabled the implementation of reminders in case of initial non-response to consent, further improving user engagement.


An Increase of 23% in the Consent Rate with Axeptio: a Remarkable, Positive Impact!

The transformation and results were immediate. Less than 24 hours after installing Axeptio, DroneXperts observed significant improvements at all levels:

  • The company gradually regained traffic traceability performance (nearly the same performance levels as pre-Law 25).
  • Axeptio did not block reCAPTCHA, thus facilitating conversions via our web forms and better aligning with the requirements of Law 25.
  • Lead generation performance returned to normal, despite a slight impact on remarketing and advertising performance.

Sarah Lebacq points out that 'within the first month, the consent rate saw a 23% increase over the previous solution.' 

The personalized interface offered by Axeptio, providing a unique user experience aligned with the brand, had a positive impact on performance.

The graph below illustrates a significant increase in traffic following the installation of Axeptio's cookie consent banner on February 21, 2024, attesting to a now harmonious user experience and still ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. 


Graphic source: GA4


Choosing Your CMP Partner is Strategic For Your Business and Your Digital Performance

DroneXperts' journey with Axeptio highlights a crucial truth of modern digital marketing: regulatory compliance and analytical performance can go hand in hand.

"Axeptio not only allowed us to regain our ability to conduct remarketing and advertising campaigns, but it also increased user trust in the brand while maintaining compliance with Law 25," says Sarah Lebacq.

Opportunities generated have also returned to normal, the sales team can now return to their usual practices and processes prior to the arrival of the initial CMP, and business objectives are still on track. 

This case study demonstrates the importance of carefully selecting a CMP partner based on the company's business reality while ensuring that it offers full compliance to avoid significant penalties or even greater consequences for business growth. 

That's why Axeptio has specialized in developing a highly flexible platform for companies wishing to offer a unique user experience while respecting compliance with Law 25. 

With Axeptio, companies and agencies can also benefit from numerous advisory services in addition to the 'SHAKE' tool, which provides a detailed report of elements to optimize for compliance.

If you would like more information on this case study or would like to schedule a meeting with the Axeptio team to discuss optimizing your current CMP, please don't hesitate to contact us directly. Our team will be happy to take some time with you and collaborate to ensure compliance while optimizing your users' experience.


Don't let your data fly off without Axeptio! Contact us to soar above the competition!

Chief Experience Officer - Axeptio


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