Migration to Axeptio for Publishers CMP

Axeptio is launching Axeptio for Publishers, a CMP compatible with TCF (IAB Europe and Canada). Are you concerned? How to migrate?

Axeptio for Publishers

Google announced in a statement that henceforth, websites using certain of their vendors will need to adopt a CMP compliant with IAB's TCF and certified by them.

If your website uses at least one of these three vendors, you are affected by the TCF migration (or need to take action to remedy the situation):
→ Google AdSense
→ Google AdManager (formerly DoubleClick)
→ Google AdMob

Two options are available

#1: Switch to the Axeptio for Publishers CMP

If you do indeed use Google's advertising tools and generate revenue from them, our teams are ready to assist you in migrating to our new CMP, Axeptio for Publishers, compatible with IAB Europe's TCF v2.2 standard.

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I need Axeptio for Publishers


#2: Remove these vendors from your site

If you think you don’t need Google's advertising tools on your website, then you should remove them. Please note, some WordPress plugins or code copied-and-pasted from the internet may contain hidden advertising containers.

What are the risks if you make no changes?

With Google AdSense, Google AdManager, or Google AdMob on your website and no action taken (adopting a TCF CMP or removing unnecessary vendors), you risk having a double CMP appear on your website: Google's in addition to your original CMP. Furthermore, Google will refuse to display ads, and therefore, you will not be able to generate revenue from them.


Learn more about Axeptio for Publishers

CMP compliant with TCF standard (IAB Europe, IAB Canada)

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