Consent Rate Optimization: the Paris Opera case study

The Paris Opera, a world-renowned cultural institution seeks to increase its cookie acceptance rate on its website. This improvement is essential to enable them to better understand their online audience, optimize their user experience and personalize their communication.


Opera de Paris


The Paris Opera faces a challenge: how to obtain user consent respectfully and transparently, 
while remaining compliant with current regulations such as the GDPR? 

Challenge: Humanize to better explain consent

 Axeptio worked closely with the Paris Opera to develop a customized solution. We customized our consent widget, aligning it with the visual identity and tone of the Paris Opera.

The widget was designed to resemble an "opera cookie", a playful reference to both the digital world and the world of opera. This creative approach made the consent process more engaging and less intrusive for users.

In addition, we customized the widget's texts using a semantic field specific to opera. Technical terms were replaced by vocabulary more familiar and appealing to opera lovers, making the consent process more transparent and easy to understand.


Result: 15% higher consent rate

Thanks to this tailored approach, the Paris Opera saw a significant increase in its cookie acceptance rate. Users felt more comfortable with the consent process, enabling the Paris Opera to collect more accurate data on their audience.

Moreover, this initiative reinforced users' trust in the Paris Opera,  demonstrating its serious commitment to data protection and privacy.

In short, this project demonstrated that compliance with data protection regulations can be achieved in a creative and user-friendly way while supporting the organization's business objectives.


Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

  • 84% consent rate
  • Over 100,000 consents collected
  • 3 websites equipped with Axeptio

The collaboration between the Paris Opera and Axeptio was a success, demonstrating that personalization and creativity can enhance user engagement and cookie acceptance rates. This case study highlights Axeptio's commitment to providing tailored solutions that respect both users and regulatory requirements.
Siham Lakhloufi - Digital Project Manager, Paris Opera


Opt for a harmonious consent experience with Axeptio!

Chief Experience Officer - Axeptio


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