Axeptio and Law 25: An essential Asset for Small Businesses

Patricia Filiatrault is the founder of a web agency in Quebec that bears her name: PF Communications. She helps companies with their website and SEO projects, navigating the challenges of complying with Law 25. She shares her experience with Axeptio and emphasizes the importance for small businesses to carefully choose their consent management tool.


Axeptio and Law 25: An essential Asset for Small Businesses

Since the implementation of Law 25 in Quebec, Canada, all companies must meet strict consent management requirements to protect personal data. This obligation applies to businesses of all sizes. “However, when you’re a small business or a solopreneur, it can be tough to implement the required measures, both technically and financially. That’s why choosing the right consent management tool is so important,” explains Patricia Filiatrault.

Practical Implications of Law 25 on Businesses

Law 25, officially called the "Act to modernize legislative provisions as regards the protection of personal information," marks a significant shift in data protection regulation in Canada. This legislation increases companies' responsibilities in managing and protecting personal data.

In practice, Law 25 requires companies to implement various measures, such as:

  • Appointing a Data Protection Officer
  • Creating a registry of privacy incidents
  • Disclosing privacy incidents
  • Implementing protective measures
  • Making policies accessible to the public

Here, we’re focusing on implementing a consent management system like Axeptio. Choosing the right system is a big deal. Several criteria come into play, including meeting all legal requirements and the associated costs.


Why Choose Axeptio for Your Small Business?

Although it comes with annual fees, Axeptio is a great option for small businesses and solopreneurs for several reasons:

1. Ease of Integration

Even though hiring a web specialist to set up and integrate Axeptio’s pop-up can be helpful, the tool’s user interface is designed to be user-friendly. Once it’s set up, the entrepreneur can manage the consent system themselves. Plus, Axeptio’s consent banner adapts to all platforms, whether on desktop or mobile, ensuring a consistent and accessible user experience no matter how visitors access the site. 


2. Easy Pop-Up Customization

The ability to customize the pop-up is very appealing for small businesses. By adapting the logo and message, the company shows its professionalism. When you’re a small business, earning your users’ trust is essential.




For example, VK Esthétique adopted basic customization, chose its colors within the pop-up, removed the cookies, and inserted its logo. These simple tweaks led to a 71% consent rate from its visitors over the past month. 

A personalized pop-up not only maintains your brand image but also shows your commitment to protecting users’ personal data. Plus, it gives you a chance to clearly explain the benefits of cookies to visitors.

 For instance, Tarot Sphères carefully tailored the text of its pop-up to inform visitors that the data collected is used to enrich and personalize the offered content. This transparent and informative approach helps build user trust and improve the consent rate.



3. Comprehensive Statistics

Small businesses often underestimate the significant impact that statistics collected from their consent pop-up can have. A high consent rate not only ensures compliance with regulations but also gives businesses a clear and detailed understanding of their visitors. This deeper understanding can lead to more targeted and effective marketing strategies.



If the consent rate isn’t satisfactory, businesses can analyze and tweak their pop-up to make it more engaging. The goal is to optimize the presentation and message of the pop-up to encourage more cookie acceptances. Axeptio, with its built-in analysis tools, makes this easy by allowing businesses to test different configurations and choose the one that maximizes consent while staying compliant with the law.


4. Peace of Mind

The daily life of a solopreneur or small business is often very busy. With Axeptio, which handles consent management while strictly adhering to legal requirements, entrepreneurs can truly relax. Adopting this system gives you peace of mind, knowing that the crucial aspect of data compliance is well taken care of.

Small businesses and solopreneurs often don’t realize how important it is to collect consents on their site, seeing it as just a legal formality. However, effectively collecting visitor consent is crucial: it allows you to build a valuable database, making it easier to tailor your content and marketing messages to ultimately boost sales. So, choosing a consent management tool should be taken seriously. Axeptio, by offering an effective and easy-to-integrate solution, adds undeniable value for small businesses and solopreneurs, turning a legal obligation into a strategic opportunity.

PF Communications supports businesses of all sizes in ensuring their websites comply with Law 25.


When you're a small business, or even a solopreneur, it can be difficult to implement the measures required by law, either technically or financially. That's why choosing the right consent management tool is so important.

Patricia Filiatrault PF Communications




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