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Axeptio is launching a new consent management solution compatible with IAB Europe's TCF v2.2 standard. Axeptio for Publishers is ideal for digital publishers with an advertising-led business model.

Axeption for Publishers

The context of a changing environment

With the recent update of the Transparency & Consent Framework (TCF v2.2) and Google's new policy for its AdManager, AdMob and AdSense tools, Axeptio for Publishers is the right answer to the regulatory imperatives and aspirations of digital publishers for effective monetization.

From January 16, 2024, if you wish to use the AdManager, AdMob or AdSense tools, you will need to use a TCF-certified CMP in accordance with Google's new policy for users of its advertising services in the European Economic Area and the UK.

Axeptio for Publishers: A CMP dedicated to revenue optimization that puts trust back at the heart of the AdTech business model

Known for our firm stance in favor of data protection and our historical reluctance to comply with IAB Europe's TCF standards for RGPD compliance reasons, we remain, nonetheless true to our convictions.

The Axeptio widget you know and love remains the same. Its objective remains to offer the best consent experience for the visitor.

Our new Axeptio for Publishers solution, dedicated to digital publishers, is adapted to the specific business model of AdTechs whose aim is to optimize advertising revenue generation.

Once critical of the previous version of TCF for non-compliance with RGPD according to the Belgian APD, we are affirming our commitment to media publishers with our new CMP. The aim is to reintegrate trust within their advertising monetization model.

Axeptio's vision applied to digital publishers

The decision to launch this new solution is the fruit of deep reflection and a determination to adapt to a changing environment.

Three main motivations have guided this evolution:

  • A commitment to our customers: Axeptio remains true to its mission of providing cutting-edge solutions to its customers, by adapting to Google's new requirements.

  • Renewed compliance: TCF version 2.2, meeting the requirements of the Belgian APD, has paved the way for a solution that respects both industry standards and Axeptio's core values.

  • Exploring new horizons: Axeptio for Publishers specifically targets digital publishers, a rapidly transforming sector that requires adapted and certified CMP solutions.

The launch of Axeptio for Publishers sends a clear message: it is possible to navigate the complex digital advertising landscape while remaining true to one's principles. At Axeptio, we're proving that the advertising monetization model, compliance and trust can not only coexist but reinforce each other

Romain Bessuges-Meusy - CEO and Co-founder of Axeptio

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What are the differences between Axeptio for Publishers and Axeptio for Brands?

CEO & Co-founder - Axeptio


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