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Contrary to popular belief, GDPR is not just about cookies. Cookie and Tracker consent is just the tip of the iceberg. Indeed, the vast majority of unnecessary processing of personal data requires prior consent. And this consent has to be bulletproof.

is freely given

No privation of rights or functionality if no consent is given. No reward either.

is specific

You can’t ask once for a myriad of data processing activities. Granularity becomes the norm.

is informed

An act of consent won’t hold any value if the data process activity is explained poorly.

is revokable

Any consent given for the processing of personal data can be revoked at anytime.

must be unambiguous

Opt-in should be used every time and everywhere. This means you can not use a pre-ticked checkbox and/or use a double-negative to state your request.

Companies wear the burden of proof And they need to provide an audit trail

No more Boolean flags acceptNewsletter: true in your database. Storing only the consent status does not meet the requirements of auditability defined in the GDPR.

Instead, any company wishing to process personal data needs to hold a record of consent proofs, storing timestamped receipts stating precisely how, when and to which end individuals granted their consent.

It’s a matter of UX design and information hierarchy Seems complicated? Well... that’s because it is.

We worked really hard to understand the best way to fulfill all these requirements, while ensuring that the interface remains digestible. Here’s how it could look if you let your DPO do the job by himself:

Good UX
Not compliant
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Bad UX
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Les informations recueillies sur ce formulaire sont enregistrées dans fichier informatisé par Natural net pour nos offres et démarches commerciales. Elles sont conservées pendant 36 mois et sont destinées :

- Axepté en qualité de propriétaire du site web et récipiendaire des formulaires,
- Cubi en qualité d'opérateur technique du site web,
- CourrierSinge en qualité d'opérateur technique des mailings et lettres d'informations,
- Tavernier en tant qu'hébergeur de notre site web,
- BigBrother en tant qu'outil de stockage et sauvegarde des données.
- Lundi en tant que CRM (Gestion de relation client).

Conformément aux article 15 à 22 RGPD, concernant les données que nous détenons sur vous vous disposez des droits suivants :

- droit d’accès (article 15 du RGPD)
- droit de rectification (article 16 du RGPD)
- droit d’effacement (article 17 du RGPD)
- droit à la limitation du traitement (article 18 du RGPD)
- droit de notification des = rectifications, effacements, limitation (article 19 du RGPD)
- droit à la portabilité des données (article 20 du RGPD)
- droit d’opposition (article 21 du RGPD)
- droit de ne pas faire l’objet d’un profilage ( (article 22 du RGPD)

Vous pouvez exercer ces droit en contactant : GETAVOCAT - DPO de Natural-net : Maître Christophe LANDAT, 18 rue de la République 34000 Montpellier. Nous vous informons de l’existence de la liste d'opposition au démarchage téléphonique « Bloctel », sur laquelle vous pouvez vous inscrire ici :

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Good UX
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Information hierarchy We decided to rethink the information hierarchy and placed all the obligatory information inside a dedicated and interactive widget. In there, one can find:

  • The sub processors that will access the personal data
  • The kind and usage of personal data used for the data processing activity
  • A description of all the rights an individual can use and how to use them
  • The information about the Data Processing Officer of the entity responsible of the processing.
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How to use the given consent?

When a visitor arrives on your website with Axeptio loaded on your website, we generate a random identifier. This is what we call a pseudonymous identifier, because only the website publisher has access to it (and not Axeptio or Google).

At the moment you collect personal data, this identifier is sent alongside with the consent proof, and the data. On our side, we store the consent proof and the pseudonymous identifier, allowing you to retrieve the information later on. That‘s the auditabililty trail.

We collect more than consent

Collecting a YES or a NO is sometimes too limiting. If your goal is to create meaningful and memorable interactions with your visitors, users or customers, you’d better adapt your service to their liking.

We call it the Augmented Consent, a consent widget with three options : YES, NO, and YES, BUT. Here’s what you could ask for:

  • The frequency of contact
  • What hour of the day is best
  • Monthly recap instead of weekly push
  • A dedicated email address for marketing communication
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