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We have decided to design the best consent management experience: the one that complies with the law, the one that offers real choices to your visitors, the one that creates preference for your brand.

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When it comes to cookie management, offer REAL, free and informed choices:

  • Each cookie explained, and can be activated or deactivated

  • Customizable logos, typography, colors, and buttons

  • 5 subscription options to choose from, including one that's free

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You are in good company

  • 1.4+ BillionConsents proof
  • 33K+Websites


We try to create the most user friendly CMP you had never seen.

  • To improve people's life on the internet
  • To fight hypocrisy and give you a real choice
  • To help businesses comply with style
  • To reassure people with our trusted brand
Who are you?
Marketing manager

Marketing managerThe consent platform that helps your brand

Transparency and image are essential to building a valuable relationship with your audience. Consent is not only a requirement, but it is also an excellent opportunity to let consumers decide and demonstrate trust in your brand.

Vendor Relationship Management
Give control to your audience and nurture your brand image. Axeptio is the consent management platform that enables your switch from pushy to virtuous marketing.
Privacy by design
We help you make privacy a competitive advantage. Know your dataflows and perfect a privacy-first strategy to make your company ready for the future of the customer-brand relationship.
Meaningful interactions
First impressions matter, and as a marketing specialist, you know the value of the first point of contact. Consent is more and more often required, so play it smart.
Grow your opt-in while fighting your bounce rate
We believe that the consent rate is the future of NPS, and that's why we provide extensive yet anonymous analytics about your consent.

DeveloperYour go-to solution for every topic that requires user's consent

Built with developer experience in mind, we make managing consents at scale a delightful task. Axeptio does this by providing powerful APIs, up-to-date documentation, a user-friendly console, and plug-and-play integrations for the solutions you work with every day.

  • Web and Mobile SDK
  • APIs
  • Integrations

DPOWho said compliance could not be trendy?

Do not get fooled by our fun and funky design. Axeptio is a battle-tested and regulatory-approved solution, fit to make your website consent compliant with the most burdensome regulations out there.

  • Need help with privacy laws around the world? Better call Chris
  • Regulation monitoring
  • It’s battle tested. Our clients have been audited by regulatory authorities.
  • Guided configuration

Are you a web professional?

Do you have any automation needs or multiple websites to manage?
Contact us to be part of the Agency program of the Axeptio solution

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The main advantage lies in the easy integration of Axeptio, whatever the website. Quick to set up and ideal for all those who have not quite anticipated GDPR.

Reda Jamil
CEO @Araoo

A nice tool that will enable resellers to easily integrate GDPR requirements in their client’s projects.

Fabien Berthoux

I love Axeptio because it enables a transparent Marketing: you can explain which cookies you use and your visitor can choose cookie by cookie which one he/she accepts or not. UI is fun, overall great experience!

Ludovic Martin

User friendliness. For the customer, by making sure the popup isn't annoying and too intrusive. But also for us to set up and adjust, as the cookies on the websites are always evolving.

Bollé Brands

Simplicity, speed of integration and price.


Total conformity with GDPR regulation is the main criteria, we were also looking for a customizable solution, and something that would be easy to implement and to maintain.

We mainly identified 3 criteria: (1) Simplicity, (2) User experience, and (3) Pricing.


Compliance with law, simplicity, look & feel, Price!


Efficiency, effectiveness and impact

Planet Nature